Useful Tips

A few tips you should know to make sure you get exactly the voice over that you want.


Be Clear About What You Want

Let us know exactly how you’d like us to sound: casual, business, fun, etc. Send us links on examples of what you’re looking for.


Provide Pronunciations

If you have any names, brand names, or industry specific terms in your script, please let us know how to pronounce them. Remember, it may seem obvious to you, but it might not to us. Also, if you use an acronym in your script, like “CAT”, let us know if we should pronounce it “cat” or “C.A.T.”


Scripts are to be provided by clients. Send scripts in TXT, DOC, DOCX or PDF files only. Make sure you review your script because each edit on my end will cost you extra. Email your script here.

Unfortunately, scripts with a lot of technical terminology or medical jargon is something I would rather NOT work on.

Any mistake on my part will be corrected free of charge. Any script changes that occur after I have finished recording will have to be charged.

MP3 File

MP3s (192 Kbps) are compressed and smaller files. MP3s are great if you have a size constraint on your video. The smaller the video size, the faster it loads!

Background Music 
If you want background music added to your voice over project, you would have to provide the music in MP3 format.

Word Count
To count words in your script or document using newer versions of MS Word: 

  1. Open MS Word application

  2. Locate & open your document

  3. Click on Review

  4. Select & click Word Count

On older versions of MS Word:

  1. Open MS Word application

  2. Locate & open your document

  3. Click on Tools

  4. Select & click Word Count