About Voice  Over

Voiceover can be defined as a production technique where a voice is used in a radio-tv production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. It is the voice of an offscreen narrator, announcer, or the like. Typical examples would be voices used in radio-tv commericials, movie trailers, documentaries, narration, public address announcements, in-store messages, voice mail messages, powerpoint presentation, explainer or tutorial videos and much more.

And that's exactly the services I provide - voice over for any of your voice over projects. So allow me to be your voice in promoting your ideas, events or selling your products or services. I can do your voice over projects either in English or Tagalog (Filipino).

I am in Orange County, Southern California, USA but several of my clients come from distant shores. Places like Japan, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Canada, Philippines, etc. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, distance is no longer an issue. You and I are basically just a click away.


719 S. Knott Avenue

Anaheim, CA 92804

Tel: 714-507-8192

Tel: 714-406-0438

Please use the email below when sending a script.​

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